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The Story Behind

thedailyneeds.com.au is the brain child of few subcontinental who remain local at heart despite spending most of our life in Australia. To satisfy our quintessentially subcontinental souls - there came the thought to develop a platform where quality subcontinental goods can be supplied and give priority to customers satisfaction. A huge society full of sub-continental who would love a better way to access subcontinental goods from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Lanka and Nepal. Hours of apprehension and uncountable deliberated thoughts gave birth to thedailyneeds.com.au,
thedailyneeds.com.au would like to mention that any item we sell on our store, if Australia produce that item, we try our best to have the local version (Australian grown) of it such as milk, flour, egg, various lentils, Red meat, chicken, fruits, vegetables and so on. We do appreciate our own Australian community efforts and the best interest of our local business.

thedailyneeds.com.au wants to be the fastest growing chain of subcontinental stores in NSW. They established this store with the sole aim of offering great quality at great prices to shoppers. What do customers get at the thedailyneeds.com.au? Fresh meat, fresh fruits & vegetables, Dairy, household, cleaning products, all Indian & subcontinental groceries – spices, lentils, rice, flour, frozen fish, Frozen Snacks, household goods and much more come together at thedailyneeds.com.au –  online. We also offer fresh fruits and vegetables. Just chill at home, shop online and let us do the rest.

We have plan to provide the biggest and widest selections of groceries in Australia, let it be from spices to rice they have it all and at best prices. We want to be a prominent name and brand to any household. thedailyneeds.com.au aims to be the global local store. We focus on making products and services accessible to the community at an affordable price.

As a brand, We are committed to make grocery shopping a hassle-free experience and hence we have designed multiple options for order and delivery.The orders are delivered to your doorsteps by thedialyneeds.com.au own delivery logistics to ensure customer satisfaction – Our services will ensure that you don’t have to drive long distances, waste time for regular grocery shopping, struggle for parking spaces, carry heavy grocery bags or compromise on your quality family time.