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Blue Peas or Chatpoti Daal- 1Kg



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We provide the best quality Blue Peas or Chatpoti Daal which are the same peas used for Split Green Peas but with the skin left on. It is a small but nutritionally mighty member of the legume family, is a very fine supply of cholesterol-lowering fibre. It also provides good to outstanding amounts of four important protein, B-vitamins and minerals, all with virtually no fat. Peas are the little powerhouses that add vitamin C, E, carbohydrates, a good amount of antioxidants and more to your everyday diet.

It can add a lot of health benefits like a strong immune system, regulated blood sugar levels, anti-ageing properties, strong immunity and high energy.

Get the Blue Peas or Chatpoti Daal from "The Daily Needs" and we’ll deliver it to your home.

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