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Duck Deep Action Gel Toilet Cleaner Pine 750 ml


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Duck Deep Action Pine Disinfectant Gel is specially formulated to kill germs and remove difficult stains on contact to ensure your toilet is always hygienically clean and fresh. Duck can also be used to clean the outside of the toilet. Duck has a specially designed bottle neck to allow for easy application of the product up under the rim of the toilet where germs lurk. At the same time, the neck acts as a measuring device to ensure the right amount of product is used, thus eliminating wastage. This toilet gel is ideal for both work and office environment.

Our Duck toilet cleaner has a Pine fragrance, which imparts a fresh and long-lasting clean smell.

Getting your toilet clean is as easy as chilling on a pond. Duck Deep Action Pine Gel sanitises your toilet in three simple steps. Toilet cleaning isn't rocket science, it's Duck Science.

Hygienically clean and fresh.

Long-lasting Pine fragrance.

Kills 99.9% of germs.

Measuring device to reduce product wastage.

Disinfect the inside & outside of the toilet bowl.

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