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Fried Onion, Ahmed, 400GM


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We provide the best quality Fried Onion which are slices of onions that are either pan fried (sautéed) or deep fried — and consumed as a popular snack food, garnish or vegetable accompaniment to various recipes.

If the much higher temperature, immersive, deep frying is used, this prepares the onions in a manner similar to that of French fried potatoes. Crispy deep fried onions are called "French fried onions" in Southern cooking of the United States. Smaller and irregularly shaped (from being deep-fried until they are crunchy) onions are an integral part of the American dish green bean casserole. Freshly made crisp fried onions may be used as garnishes in some restaurants.

Get the Fried Onion from "The Daily Needs" and we’ll deliver it to your home.

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