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Frozen Satkora (Citrus Macroptera)


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We provide the best quality Satkora (Citrus Macroptera) (Frozen) which is also known as Melanesian papeda or wild orange, is a semi-wild species of citrus native to Bangladesh, Malesia and Melanesia.
Some authorities consider C. macroptera to be a taxonomic synonym of C. hystrix (kaffir lime), while others consider C. macroptera var. annamensis to be a synonym of C. hystrix, but not C. macroptera var. macroptera.

In Bangladesh, the thick fleshy rind of the Citrus macroptera is eaten as a vegetable, while the pulp is usually discarded because of its bitter-sour taste. The thick rind is cut into small pieces and cooked (either green or ripe) in beef, mutton, and fish curries. The rind is often sun-dried for later cooking and consumption. The fruit is also a primary ingredient in satkora/shatkora pickles. It is also used in doner kebabs in British Bangladeshi fast-food restaurants.

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